In short, Sum-01 (sum-one) kicks raps over dope beats. Her style; has yet to find a box to fit in. Her image; unique all to her own. Her influences; strong female emcee’s from the early 90’s. She raps, and DJ Hullewud spins her boom-bap sounds. Often jacking new school beats, blending with her old school sound. Sum-01 is a breath of fresh air. Her music resonates with Hip-Hop culture purists, aficionados, curators and devotees to old school sound.
2019 was a year of high notes for the local emcee, MC Sum-01. Coming off her win at the Forest City London Music Awards for Hip-Hop, where she not only took home the Hip-Hop award; she closed out the show with a performance with the Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop, Maestro Fresh Wes.
Sum-01 has been writing rhymes since grade school and she calls herself the “Queen of the Forest City” because she was and is the first female MC in the local Hip-Hop scene here in London, ON to ever record and release music. The only female MC at the time rapping at the Dirty Thursday open mics held at the old Bruns’wick’ Hotel among a pack of young men. Sum-01 thinks all women are Queen’s and is an advocate for the female empowerment movement.
In the early 2000s Sum-01 released her first demo “Tha Rough Copie” which had 4 songs recorded, lyrics penned in class at her high school at the time; H.B. Beal Secondary School.
In 2008 she released her first mixtape, 2 Dolla Holla where she sold her music for a toonie and held her own release party alongside local acts such as; DJ Hullewud, Moore, Exit Only, Thesis, Madhattr, NGA and more…
2010 garnered her first official release of “Oh No She Didn’t” EP, which she funded solely herself, written during her time at Fanshawe College for Radio Broadcasting.
Sum-01 took a hiatus after having her second child and was dealing with a lot of relationship and personal issues. Being a single parent also contributed to music taking a back seat for 7 years.
In 2017 Sum-01 bumped into DJ Hullewud and was asked the question “So, when you dropping some new music?” Quickly after this encounter and finding newfound support among her peers at Radio Western, Sum-01 found the confidence to pick up the mic again.
2018 was the “Official” comeback for Sum-01. She followed up with a mixtape titled 2 Dolla Holla 2.0 to let the fans and the scene know, she was back! The mixtape earned her a nomination at the 2018 Forest City London Music Awards for Hip-Hop, but she didn’t take it home that year.
2019 she released “The Comeback Queen” EP, produced by Toronto’s royceBIRTH, recorded at Serenity Soundworks studios, here in London. In May of 2019 Sum-01 was nominated and won the Hip-Hop award at the Forest City London Music Awards.
The Comeback Queen EP has charted for over 35 weeks on College !earshot charts and had over 80 chart appearances. The EP also made #2 on Radio Western’s Top 30 countdown of 2019.
After her successes, she was able to open up at Parkjam London’s Hip-Hop night in Harris Park for Method Man, Redman and Ice Cube at Harris Park, September 12th, 2019.
In 2020 Sum-01 is set to drop a new EP on Black Buffalo Records, a Halifax record label. This project will be a 5 track EP, recorded in Truro, NS at Halfway House studios with production by the famous DJ Moves. This project will be available on CD, Cassette, and Vinyl.
Follow Sum-01 and show some local support for the movement of this female Hip-Hop artist, MC, activist, radio show host, and mother. You can catch her on-air hosting her new show Drop The Needle Radio Saturday’s 6-8PM on Radio Western 94.9FM alongside AB Quality. Or simply follow her on Social Media.
Instagram: @queenoftheforestcity
Twitter: @forestcityqueen
Facebook: @queenoftheforestcity